About Yearbook Labs Company

Founded in 2013, we are a company located in Vancouver, BC that makes web and mobile apps. Our goal is to improve everyday lives with technology. Specifically...

In the classroom

Our flagship service, GradForms, was originally designed for yearbook coordinators to quickly collect data they need to make a better yearbook. But, why stop there? We have designed GradForms to work exceptionally as a classroom solution. We want to give instructors the tools they need to teach more effectively, at an affordable price. GradForms is entirely ad-free; we are not in the business of mining data.

And on the go

For those living a mobile life, we have the right tools, from Meat to DropCalc. We are primarily an Android developer, and we see the great potential of this platform in making everyday tasks, like planning meetings and making quick calculations, even easier. More importantly, we only make unique apps. In other words, if we make an app, it's because there isn't an existing alternative on the platform. We don't make copycat products; everything you see is original.

Please join us in building tools to enhance productivity in the classroom and beyond. If you spot a bug, let us know via email (available on the Support, Contact, and Feedback tab).

Image by rainchurch. Licensed under CC.

The Team

Actually, we're just two people. But that should be enough, right?

Sean Clancy

Sean Clancy was born in North Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1976.

He grew up in West Vancouver, moving to Parksville (on Vancouver Island) in 1984.

He completed elementary, middle, and high school in Parksville, graduating in 1994 from Ballenas Secondary School.

After a year off, Sean attended Malaspina University College (now Vancouver Island University) in Nanaimo for 3 years. He took pretty much every course possible from art history to biology, finally settling on Visual Arts for a major. (Sean has many interests, and still hasn't decided what he wants to be if he grows up.) He left Malaspina with a Diploma in Fine Arts and moved to Vancouver to attend Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now a university), graduating in 2000 with a Visual Arts degree.

The next few years saw him take on a plethora of jobs, from house renovations, to new home construction, working in a concrete plant, and being a bike messenger.

He enrolled in BCIT's Technology Teacher Education in 2002, graduating from BCIT with a Diploma in Technology Education in 2004, followed by a Bachelors degree in Education from UBC in 2005. He currently teaches media arts at a high school in North Vancouver. He lives in Vancouver with his girlfriend, loves riding or wrenching on anything with two wheels (motorized or not), photography, and playing guitar. He also loves homebrewing and relaxing.

Willie Chang

I'm an undergraduate student at McGill, majoring in neuroscience and minoring in computer science. I write the code for our web applications. In fact, the applications you see here are rewritten versions of web apps that I wrote before Yearbook Labs was founded. Having participated in the production of yearbooks for all five years of high school, I think I have a pretty good idea of what that's about. I am currently the webmaster of the Arts Undergraduate Society of McGill University, which represents students of the largest faculty at McGill. For both Yearbook Labs and the AUS website, my goal is to write code that users can immediately benefit from. I also volunteer in transcription-factor research at the McGill School of Computer Science.

I graduated from Seycove Secondary in North Vancouver, BC in 2012. Before that, I lived in New York and Taipei.

Need help?

If you have a question about our services, including how they can fit your needs, whether it's making a yearbook, or anything really, don't hesitate to contact us through the address below!

We welcome feedback

If you find any bugs, or if you have any suggestions, we would like to know about them. Our services are in constant evolution, so why not participate in their perpetual improvement?

We've got just one email address for contact, support, and feedback!

info (at) yearbooklabs (dot) com