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Forms for school

Create forms that students and parents can access and fill out online. Whether it's collecting grad writeups and baby photos for yearbooks, essays for class assignments, or videos for group projects, we've got you covered.

An account for every user

Just like with paper forms, users do not have to complete your forms in one sitting. Instead, they create a password-protected account that they can use to log back in and continue working. GradForms remembers what has already been entered.

Total control? Yes, please

You have total flexibility in whatever goes in your form. Insert a text box, checkbox, drop-down menu, drop box, anything! Create separate forms for students and parents. You can even set deadlines and limits for each field.

Pre-built templates included

Need to get started in a hurry? We've got 4 pre-built templates for teachers and yearbook coordinators. Two clicks, and your forms are ready-to-use. For a list of templates included, refer to the Features tab.

How do you want to view your data?

You decide! GradForms lets you sort, organize, and sort through your data with ease. What about uploaded files? You can view them one-by-one, or, better yet, simply download them all in a ZIP file!

Great data? Share it!

Work on forms in a collaborative environment. Share collected data with other users in a secure manner. Control what guest accounts have access to. And, of course, create as many guest accounts as you need.

The green alternative

Let's say you want to collect grad writeups and parent dedications from 250 students and their parents. That's equivalent to 9 kilograms (20 lbs) of paper. Why end up with piles of forms on your desk? Go green with GradForms!

Your forms, stylized

How do you want your forms to look? There are plenty of colors and patterns that you can apply to your forms. Make them the way you want to look!

CYA 2moro

Get in touch with your students faster by sending a message that they can see right beside their forms. They can even reply, all in real time. You can even send and receive files! IM or bulletin board? It's up to you!

Flexible forms with Logic

This powerful feature will allow you to hide or show forms when certain conditions are met. For example, you will be able to hide a form when it is not needed, or show a form when others are completed.

Upload a class list

Just like with Ichipoll, you can upload class lists in Excel format to GradForms and make your forms available only to those on the list. No need to worry about spam or duplicate submissions!

Organize students into classes

Create classes and enroll students into them manually, or simply let them self-enroll. Then, assign specific forms to specific classes and create a personalized experience for each class.

Perfect for polls

GradForms now supports polls! Simply insert multiple choice questions and view the responses as a chart. You can even use class lists as responses to create a grad poll.

5 GB for each teacher

That's about 500 PowerPoint presentations, 1000 photos, and 50,000 Word documents. In other words, we offer plenty of space for file uploads. If you need more storage space, add-ons are available for purchase.

Best of all, it's free!