Plan better meeting times

No more setting up time slots from scratch or clicking on tiny checkboxes! Simply select the dates on which you would like to meet, and Meat looks at your calendar to determine possible meeting times. Then, send them off, along with a decision protocol (by voting or elimination), and let the fun begin.

Decide by voting

Each participant stars the times that he or she prefers. He or she can also propose times not yet on the list. Better yet, Meat can look at his or her calendar and make these selections automatically. The meeting time with the most stars wins!

Decide by elimination

Each participant eliminates the times that he or she will be unavailable. Or, just let Meat do the job. It can look at your calendar and discard unsuitable times for you! Hopefully, you will end up with one or two meeting times that work for everyone.

Works with Facebook Messenger

Who says planning meeting times can't be enjoyable for all? Download Meat today and experience the best way to decide when to meet.